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¿Qué significa Biogold?

100% natural organic Always manufactured with 100% natural organic ingredients for the benefit of plants and the safety of our customers.
This helps make Biogold kinder to the environment. Plants can absorb nutrients quickly and naturally.
Non-toxic and harmless to you, your children, your pets and your soil.
There will be no root damage if Biogold pellets touch the roots.
minerals and vitamins Always packed with natural minerals and vitamins that are specially formulated for healthy plants.
Biogold products not only have the three key plant nutrients; nitrogen, phosphates and potassium (N-P-K), but also contains magnesium, calcium and includes a range of natural trace elements.
You will soon notice an increase in buds as well as an improvement in flower color and foliage.
as a soil enrichment Always considered ideal as a soil enrichment for plants.
Biogold products will quickly enrich the soil with beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms to provide the most ideal soil conditions for plant growth.
Biogold products make an ideal addition to boost a soils natural ecosystem.
suitable for any plants Always provides the most appropriate nutrients for your favorite plants.
Each Biogold product is packed natural minerals, vitamins and a range of trace elements. This well-balanced combination of ingredients is suitable for any plants in any growing conditions.
Suitable for all ornamental plants including bonsai, roses, lawns, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, and ornamental foliage plants. Can also be used in hydroponics.
from the proffesional to the enthusiasts We believe that you share our fascination of the amazing world of plants.
So once tried we are certain that everyone from professional to enthusiast will be delighted and amazed with Biogolds results.


Biogold is no ordinary fertilizer. The special manufacturing process and the care we have taken to find just the right blend of nutrients means we are certain that you will be delighted with the beneficial effects it will have on your plants.

For many years these beneficial qualities have been widely recognized by both professional and amateur growers throughout the world. It is one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back for more.

The Biogold Company has arrived at this fortunate position through the assistance and cooperation of many specialists who have experience in agriculture, horticulture, green keeping and other areas of proficiency within the growing industry. With their expertise and after many trials we were able to develop exactly the right model to allow us to state with confidence that our products work well and provide noticeable results. Throughout these trials, each Biogold product consistently showed measurable results. These results are now both widely recognized and have earned us a high reputation within the market.

Even though Biogold products were originally developed with professional growers in mind we are pleased to offer them for use in the home and garden. The Biogold range is now supplied in our convenient, resealable packaging to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

Once tried, we are convinced that you will be delighted with the results and you will quickly realize that Biogold can enhance your enjoyment of your favorite plants.


Biogold Policy

Every effort is made to produce Biogold to the highest standards but there may be some slight variations in colour and nutrient content between batches. This will not affect quality.
The most benefit will be achieved when Biogold is used to the manufacturers recommendations and when all other requirements are met for moisture, light and temperature.
Biogold is non-toxic and is harmless to pets. However, it is supplied to be used only as a garden fertilizer and should not be eaten or used for any other purpose.
Nutrient Content - Biogold fertilizers contain a full range of nutrients and trace elements that have been designed to keep you plants healthy. There is no need to supplement with other fertilizers.